Friday February 23, 2018


Dedicated Project Space on SourceForge

[ 2004.10.14]  A special thanks goes out to Allan Bailey for letting us take over the pymon name he reserved on SourceForge and had planned as the home for his python monitoring software. Life caught up with him, and we were lucky enough to take advantage of his foresight and generosity. The new site site is up, with the look and feel borrowed from FileSystemStorage.

Added SQL Backend support

[ 2004.10.11]  We decided to start with sqlite/pysqlite as the backend and driver for persistant data. This is primarily motivated by customer requests for backend state data. We have also decided to try using SQLObject as our OR mapping tool, and have found that is meets our needs perfectly.

Created Twisted PyMon branch

[ 2004.10.08]  After a long hiatus, we are back in business with PyMon. There were some minor issues that have cropped up in the past several months that bore greater looking into, and in the process, we discovered how much we hated the original code base. What started in a sandbox as test code, has moved into a branch. The original code that started the branch has now been completely replaced, and PyMon is running successfully on a twisted core. We expect to have the original feature set implemented with twisted within two months.

SSH Authentication

[ 2004.07.25]  Experimented with SSH authentication and pexpect.

OO Restructure and Twisted Proof of Concept

[ 2004.05.15-17]  Created a branch for package and module restructuring. This didn't get very far before twisted became an abvious route for at least considerable exploration if not all-out reimplementation. Created a sanbox with lots of different twisted code tests and proofs of concepts. This may very well lead to a PyMon rewrite.

PyMon v0.1 in Production

[ 2004.05.13]  After several months of hard work, we are now using the first version in production to monitor servers, services, and content at several colocation facilities across the United States.

Subversion Repository for PyMon

[ 2004.04.27]  A new repository has been created for the already extant code base.

Python Monitoring Project

[ 2004.02.16]  After creating a simple python script, using it in an intensive test environment for several weeks, and many days of planning, the Python Monitoring Project is underway. The process begins with the layout of packages and modules as well as conversion of old, procedural code into python class files.